UK: Should we be worried that women outnumber men on campus?

Article here. Excerpt:

'One potential explanation for this silence, Curnock Cook suggests, is that “it’s quite unfashionable to have views about the underperformance of men”. While there are numerous initiatives aimed at getting more women into science, technology, engineering and mathematics, little attention is paid to the much greater domination by women of fields such as nursing, teaching and social work, she says.

“The prevailing narrative for many decades has been about how women are disadvantaged against men, not the other way round,” she says. “I don’t see much evidence of people [treating this] as a societal issue, which I think it is.”

Equality issues aside, she adds, there are many business reasons why universities should want to tackle the issue because if men participated at the same rate as women “that would be an extra 40,000 people in higher education. To me, it’s a huge unmet potential issue and it’s a huge market issue”.'

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... is it good so many kids are getting rooked by colleges and universities, buying unmarketable degrees?

That's a societal issue too!

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These UK statistics are reflected in Australian universities where in 2017 57% of undergraduate enrollments and 55% of postgraduate enrollments were women.
Broken down by domains, women filled >78% of undergraduate education places and >72% of post graduate places. Women filled more than 60% of places in health, society, culture and creative arts. The only domains where women filled less than the majority of enrollments were selected STEM related degrees (39% architecture, 16% IT and 14.5% engineering).
Notwithstanding the obvious gender imbalance in university enrollments, the Australian university culture (academics) remain fixated on "gender equity" only in terms of STEM subjects. The largest inequity with the biggest potential impact on the community and individuals is not commented on at all. If fact, the mere act of asking about the gender inequity in education and health is considered an act of gender violence and condemned as hate speech.

There can be no rational argument that does not recognise the inequity that existed in our education system for may years, stopping women from realising their full potential. Similarly, there is no rational explanation for why the plight of boys and young men in our current education system is not considered equally wrong and inequitable.
But what we hear from modern educators is feminist ideology and gender hate speech. When Ana Martínez-Alemán, an associate dean at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education says "boys tend to oversell themselves” and so “a lot of young men get a very rude awakening [when they get to university] and their self-worth hasn’t really been ready for that", she is pronouncing the the culture of misandry that pervades the our education systems. This gendered hatred based ideology attempts to suggest that the problem with boys in education is completely due to the flawed nature of boys and masculinity. The student is never the problem, unless the student is male.
Does it worry anyone that the profession most dominated by women presides over a failure to meet the needs of boys and men, and when questioned about this, blames the messenger or the students they have failed.
The education systems of western nations are the window that frames the world according to feminists, and its everything other than equitable.

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