Is a new 'masculinity' program at UT wrong about men?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Instead of the problematic term "toxic masculinity," a concept which is often poorly defined and sometimes strays into the disparagement of traditional masculinity in potentially sexist ways, the CMHC uses "restrictive masculinity." Dr. Brownson noted that UT specifically avoided "toxic masculinity."

The CMHC also includes language affirming some aspects of traditional masculinity, noting "Traditional characteristics of masculinity — traits such as independence, strength, resilience and more — are wonderful assets for people of all genders. By encouraging an expanded view of masculinity, there is room for these traits and more."

So, some conservative media certainly misrepresented the program. But, in my view, UT committed a few unforced errors that whipped up tensions. An advertised position for the coordinator of the program features a potpourri of progressive buzzwords ("intersect," "social justice," "power"), including the unfortunate "toxic masculinities." Other web materials can come across as preachy, with too many air quotes, proclaimed myths and a tendency toward generalizations.'

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