Tucker Carlson warns about "toxic femininity" after YouTube shooting

Article here.

'TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Now, let's pause for a moment, and pretend this is not the 8 P.M. show on Fox News. Let's pretend it's somewhere else on the dial, maybe CNN or MSNBC, or actually, any other cable channel or newspaper in America. If that were true, by definition, we'd have to draw hard and fast conclusions from this tragedy, using the limited fact set available.

We don't really know much at this stage, but sweeping dumb generalizations are what the media do, so we would do that, and of course, we would need a very specific script in order to make those generalizations. So, what do we conclude from what happened yesterday?

Well, first off, the shooter was a woman. She was female, so clearly America has a problem with toxic femininity, and we'd need to address that crisis right away, starting with more university panels shaming an entire gender. Somebody alert the H.R. department to this.'

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... it was too good not to post.

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She killed a cat with a bow and arrow then bragged about it on Facebook. She's a FREAKING VET. Then she wonders why ppl think it was so wrong.

Tell me... let's say that she was a pediatrician. Then she went out and offed a child. Now let's say in a weird and fucked-up universe, it was actually legal to hunt kids. Yeah, I know, but this is an analogy. Now would you take your... pet child... to a pediatrician who went out and killed a child with a bow and arrow then bragged about it on social media?

You know, this analogy isn't too outrageous. Some ppl, incl. myself, view their cats as their children. Yes, I know, they're "just animals". Well so frigging what? Cats are cats. In some ways, better than children. Just sayin'.

Now some nutjob who makes a living medically treating cats goes and kills one with a hunting weapon and seems proud of it. Then wonders why her vet license got suspended. (I have to ask... why not revoked?) She actually appeals the decision, and sues the licensing authority. She has now lost the appeal. She'll probably appeal this ruling, too.

Yes, Virginia, sociopaths come in many forms. Including females. And vets. And both.

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. . . tragedies being blamed on "toxic masculinity" could be met with the same derision. . .

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