Declining male enrollment must be addressed, college VP says

Article here. Excerpt:

'As the number of women enrolling in college increases, the number of males enrolling continues to decline, a topic that needs to be addressed, Weatherford College Vice President of Instruction Michael Endy said.

“We don’t want that to stop,” Endy said of the female enrollment trend.

Workforce education and other technically-based employment have traditionally served as primary outlets for those not interested in getting an academic degree, but those jobs are now being threatened by overseas competition and automation, Endy said.

“The tradition of males working in a healthy economy, males have employment opportunities therefore overall they have no need for higher education,” Endy said of what the economy has traditionally been.'

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Look at college from the 17-YO male's POV. First, it's too pricey for what it returns for MOST attendees. Second, today's employers are less interested in what you could be to them than what you are to them. The days employers hired ppl based on their potential as employees vs. what they offer right now are gone. And the emphasis is on applicable skills, not amorphous personality traits that are hard to quantify to hiring managers' superiors.

Four years and a political science degree later, a BA still has no employable skills.

The ages 18 to 22 are significant in a life. They can be a lot more useful to a young adult than grudgingly attending classes on topics you don't really care about or worse still, getting indoctrinated in bizarre ideologies.

Oh yes, that. A guy would have to be living under a rock not to know about the collegiate occupation by feminists and SJWs. Being male, and esp. also white, makes you a target for hatred and officially-sanctioned abuse from your nuttier peers. The college admin'n will support your abuse.

And the risk you take by banging a chick on campus? Most guys including myself went to college specifically to get loaded and bang college chicks. I did. I enjoyed drinking and fucking college girls. They liked it, too. But alas these days, banging a girl at college risks all kinds of bad possible outcomes for the guy. You're better off screwing girls who work at McDonald's and finding a job that actually makes sense to have vs. getting a useless degree and probably a worse job.

If you want the rough equivalent of a college degree from some humanities so-called discipline, I suggest you read the Wikipedia portal on your topic of choice for about 20 minutes and you're there. I know this from experience. I majored in History. I may as well have read the Wikipedia World History portal for 20 minutes and saved myself and my folks $70k.

I could have banged McDonald's chicks instead, too.

I read somewhere that the less education a woman has, the more frequently she has sex. She has more partners too and is more likely to be kinky.

Again, I don't see what's left to recommend college to the typical 17- or 18-YO male.

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