About a boy: our new prince faces a world where masculinity has never been so scrutinised

Article here. Excerpt:

'Although born less than five years after his brother Prince George, this little boy has, little though he knows about it yet, arrived in a different world in which to be male.

Since 2013 many of our perceptions of masculinity have changed radically. The fact that, just before his brother’s birth, Parliament scrambled to abolish centuries of male primogeniture in the Succession to the Crown Act of that year — so putting little Jimmy or Timmy fifth in line to his sis, rather than fourth to his bro — is the very least of it.

In 2018 boys are in trouble. Boys are trouble. After Harvey Weinstein’s exposure, the triumph of pussy-grabber President Trump and the whole #MeToo tidal wave, remarkably few positive associations with being a man and a boy remain any more. The word now almost automatically paired with “masculinity” is “toxic”.'

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