Maine votes for impotent FGM ban bill

Article here. Surprised it wasn't already illegal. Well to be fair - if Maine allows boys to be genitally mutilated, why not girls? Excerpt:

'However, the bill passed in the House was nothing more than political theater — a show bill.

On Wednesday, the State Senate unanimously passed LD 1904, the strict FGM ban holding the mutilator, consenting parents/guardians and the transporters accountable for this barbaric form of child abuse.

That is not the bill the House passed.

First, the House brought forward one of the two minority reports from the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee — that the bill ‘ought not to pass.’ And the motion almost prevailed.

In fact, 65 swamp creatures — entirely made up of Democrats and independents — voted AGAINST banning FGM.

“Unfortunately, I am not surprised at all,” said Rep. Gerrish, the ranking Republican on the CJPS Committee. “What did surprise me was the unanimous support in the Senate, and I thank them for understanding the seriousness of the issue. I did find it remarkable that 65 House members, primarily Democrats, supported the ‘ought not to pass’ motion. I expected some to back that motion, but much less. I expected maybe 25 or so of the far-Left liberal Democrats to support killing the bill outright. But 65, wow.”'

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You're losing. Oh, among "mainstream" people you THINK you're gaining ground. It's an illusion. Imagine paying $6000 in taxes and then getting a $100 refund. Then you think you just got $100, yippee! Umm, no. You didn't gain $100. You lost $5900. That's what you're facing.

Read my definition of "patriarchy" here. Then read your own. By either standard, Islamic culture is patriarchal. Now have you noticed the birthrate of Americans generally lately? It's pretty low. Under 2 kids/woman. Now look at the birthrate among Muslim immigrants. Quite a bit higher. The no. 1 boys' name in the world is Mohammed. You get the idea.

The war you feminists are waging doesn't use guns. It uses effective, destructive techniques of all kinds, just not typically firearms. Your war is for hearts and minds. Having ditched equality as a goal, you seek to install matriarchy. To do that you need to convert people to your way of thinking or you need to raise people to believe as you do. This second way is much more reliable and effective.

AND YET, feminists are notoriously reticent around reproducing. They just don't want to do it. So look ahead, ladies. The native pop'n of the US reproduces below replacement. To keep up our numbers we've all but stopped enforcing our immigration laws. And who has the US seemingly gone out of its way to let in? You guessed it, Muslims. Why? They have kids. Almost no one else does, not in the same numbers. A handful of specific religious groups other than Muslims reproduce above replacement but these are very small, isolated groups who are not living in a mainstream way. But imported Muslims? Yes.

Look ahead. Look ahead 200 years. Thinkest thou hast a feminist utopia in the future? No. If demographics keep going the way they are, you'll find out what a REAL patriarchy looks like.

Well, not you personally. Nor your g-g-g-g-grandkids, mostly because you won't have any kids yourself to start with.

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