Britain needs gender equality quotas now, Fawcett Society says

Article here. Excerpt:

'Quotas to get more women into key positions in politics, business and the arts must be introduced to address a massive imbalance of power in Britain, according to equality campaigners.

With a statue of suffragist Millicent Fawcett set to become the first of a woman in London’s Parliament Square on Tuesday, analysis from the Fawcett Society Sex and Power Index has shown that men still overwhelmingly dominate positions of power in every sector of society.

The figures show that women make up only 6% of FTSE 100 chief executives, 16.7% of supreme court justices, 17.6% of national newspaper editors, 26% of cabinet ministers and 32% of MPs.

“When we see this data brought together it is both shocking and stark – despite some prominent women leaders, men haven’t let go of the reins of power and progress is painfully slow,” said Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society.'

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Thought it was named after her.

Shows you how much I know.

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It's fair to say men occupy more positions of power, but it's also fair to ask whom do they serve?

Men in power mostly serve women. They do little for men, except throw them in jail. Thus, the average woman has more power than the average man. Putting more women in office will increase women's power, but it will mean the average man has even less power.

A patriarchy was built on a basic agreement: the man would provide for and protect woman and children; in return, she would give him a family and companionship. A matriarchy means the dissolution of this agreement. The woman does not offer anything in return for what the man gives her under the patriarchal agreement, so the man has no motivation to keep his part of the agreement. Today, feminists want to force the man to keep his part of agreement through legal force--throwing him in jail and other methods. Men see no benefit from this, so more and more are simply saying no to marriage and fatherhood.

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