Why Aren’t Feminist Groups More Concerned that So Many Colleges and Universities Discriminate Against Women in Admissions?

Article here. Excerpt:

'This puzzles me. It is routine for many colleges and universities, particularly mid-level liberal arts schools, to discriminate against women in admissions. Believing that they have "too many women," these schools refuse admission to female applicants whose academic credentials would have been more than sufficient for a male applicant. Why don't we hear more complaints from feminist organizations?
Maybe feminist organizations don't want to draw too much attention to how well females are doing these days in school, because it hurts the narrative that women are the underdogs. But women form a 56% majority of college students. And they are a majority of those in law, medical, and dental school.

Alternatively, maybe the leaders of feminist groups are reluctant to speak out for fear of undermining the case for affirmative action for racial and ethnic minorities. They may perceive themselves as part of a broad coalition of left-leaning activists first and advocates for women in particular only second.'

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If undergraduate females wanted even fewer boys on campus, believe me, feminists would be on it. Truth is the fewer women undergrads on campus, the better, as far as current female students are concerned. As it is now in practice the M:F ratio at a lot of colleges is 1:3. This makes it hard for a girl to just get laid by a guy much less find an actual boyfriend.

College women LOVED it when unis were 3:1 M:F. Now it's the direct opposite and it drives them bonkers. Only loud campus feminists and their WST mentors keep pushing for fewer boys on campus. And between that and the fact that college degrees are very pricey and all but useless in the job market except for a few particular ones, the no. of boys who even want to go to college much less actually go keeps falling. Can't say I blame the lads these days. Besides, banging college girls today is risky. Better to stick to fucking girls who work at Denny's and avoid "educated" women. Too much goddamned trouble.

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