Judge dismisses lawsuit against Duke stemming from sexual assault allegation

Article here. Excerpt:

'federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Duke University filed by a former student who claimed Duke's response to an alleged sexual assault was inadequate and created a hostile educational environment.

The former student, Arianna Qayumi, sued Duke, claiming that the university violated her rights under the federal Title IX law. She claimed that she was drugged and raped by two students in 2011 and that one of them videotaped her being assaulted. Qayumi contended the university was deliberately indifferent and negligent in its response, ultimately leading her to transfer to another school.
"However, given Ms. Qayumi's clear statements in 2011 to Duke administrators that she did not want to participate in any disciplinary proceedings and recurring statements of hesitation thereafter, no rational jury could find that Duke's response was clearly unreasonable," Eagles wrote in the ruling.'

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