UK: Barmaid who was jailed for falsely accusing her ex of rape is now locked up for nine more years after killing man in 75mph drink drive crash

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman jailed for falsely accusing her boyfriend of rape has now been sent back to prison for killing a man in a drink-drive crash.

Kate Woodhead, 39, climbed behind the wheel of her car while drunk and careered down a 40mph road at around 75mph.

Trevor Smith, 53, who was a front seat passenger, died instantly when Woodhead lost control of the blue Audi A3 and smashed into a tree.

Woodhead was today jailed for nine years for causing death by dangerous driving.

She was previously handed a three-year term for falsely accusing a boyfriend of rape.'

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did I read that wrong? she got a 3 year sentence for falsely claiming her x boyfriend had raped her? where the he!! are the feminists? every woman should (and does in the u.s.) have the right to have any male arrested at her leisure, for whatever crime.

there is a lesson here for everybody though. if you really want to hurt the guy, and you don't think the rape accusation is going to hold up, just start a smear campaign and say he molested a child. no proof needed. no courts to complicate things. none of that messy 'due process' required. he will be ostracized by society, abandoned by his family, and pretty much shunned and automatically hated by all 'decent' folk. and the best parts, no proof required, and the false accusations can be made by either gender. much more effective than taking a chance of being jailed on false accusations of rape, don't you think? only works against guys though.

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