College student on hunger strike over anti-male discrimination

Article here. Excerpt:

'A male college student member of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) has entered Day 10 of a hunger strike dedicated to drawing attention to male discrimination and has issued the following statement: 

To be a man in today’s world is to experience discrimination on a daily basis. Men die sooner than women due to a variety of factors, including higher suicide rates and workplace deaths.[1] Men are more likely to die in warfare not only as combatants but also as civilians.[2] Women receive far more preferential treatment than men in the criminal justice system.[3] This includes the death penalty.[4] Men have no reproductive rights in America.[5] The family court system is biased against men.[6] The wage gap has not only been debunked,[7] but there is a younger generation of working women who make more money than men.[8] Even though women are as likely to engage in sexual coercion/pressure against men as vice versa in heterosexual relationships,[9] the criminal definition of “rape” [penetration without consent] does not allow men to ordinarily prosecute women. Likewise, there are more than 200+ studies which show that domestic violence is symmetrical in heterosexual relationships.[10] A state as “progressive” as Canada has no problems with outlawing male immigrants while allowing female immigrants.[11] The majority of prisoners [93.2%] are men.[12] The majority of homeless people are men.[13]'

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