Title IX reports more than 40 incidents, only one sanction

Article here. Excerpt:

'Despite an uptick of Title IX reports of sexual assaults of students, only one sanction has been placed on any of the accused in the current academic year.

Nearly 50 Title IX sexual assault reports have been submitted during the current school year, on course to exceed last year’s number. However, last year, five out of 48 respondents saw consequences for the complaints alleged against them. This year, there has only been a single respondent found in violation out of the 47 reports submitted. Currently, 10 of the 47 reports are still under review.

A majority of the 47 reports submitted this year were done so online, where complainants can submit a report either signed, anonymously or under a pseudonym. Additionally, it is mandatory that all faculty, staff, and student-employees report Title IX violations that they become aware of. Once the office of Title IX receives the report, interim Title IX Coordinator Vincent Luizzi and investigators scrutinize the report, determining if there is enough evidence to pursue a case. Once approved, a typical investigation is performed: witnesses’ statements are collected, the complainant and respondent give testimonies, and the evidence is analyzed by investigators.

“A majority of the cases are indeterminable,” Luizzi said. “We either are missing names, dates or any other specifics that could help us out. There’s no real lead there, so we can’t pursue those.”
"We need to do more for the victims,” Banton said. “Of course, we have resources like counseling and mental health strategies, which is what I deal with, but that doesn’t reach everyone. That mostly has to do with shame and the dynamics behind reporting. A victim’s advocacy program will help fill that underreported void.”'

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... there's a problem with The System. It must be changed to produce more convictions. This is because all victims must be believed and women never lie nor are they ever wrong in how they interpret their life experiences.

No, really.

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