Australia: Set targets for men working part-time to help promote women, gender equality body says

Article here. Excerpt:

'The director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has urged employers to set targets for men working part-time.

Libby Lyons told the ABC's National Wrap program "it's not difficult" to create a working environment where men can take more responsibility for caring for families at home.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency found that women are three times more likely to work part time than men.

The latest ABS figures show women constitute 68.6 per cent of all part-time employees and 36.8 per cent of all full-time employees.'

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... limit men's employment opportunities so that... women will then take the FT jobs men are quietly not being given because they're men?

What if women aren't taking some FT jobs bc simply put they don't want them?

This is bizarre. But not surprising. With feminists, anything's on the table.

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Notice how regardless what a man does, he's wrong according to feminists. If he works a lot, he's neglectful and doesn't do enough domestic labour. If he does half to the majority of the domestic work and works part-time, he's lazy and needs more ambition and to make more money.

Why even bother to try to please these spoiled children anymore?

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