Do men need to fail in order for women to succeed?

Article here. Excerpt:

'She insisted that men have to actively give up power in order for equality to be achieved: “Power is not a possession. Power is a relationship. We have more or less power in relationship to each other.”
James Millar, political journalist and co-author of The Gender Agenda, disagreed. “There is one place where there is finite number of jobs – and that’s the House of Commons. There are only 650 seats, a vast majority occupied by men.” He insisted that more men must “fail” to become MPs in order for true equality to be achieved.
Traditional ideals of masculine success don’t make men happy, she argued. “This requirement of the alpha male is something that does not suit very many men, it creates a huge amount of pressure on men . . . suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45.” A more equal contribution to domestic labour and less pressure on men as breadwinners would help enrich men’s lives, she said.'

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Feminists once insisted that power wasn't a zero-sum game, that opportunities would expand as the labor base expanded, leading to no shortages of opportunities for men.

They lied. Most men fell for it.

Now they've dispensed w/ pretenses and openly advocate for men to start deliberately LOSING.

Not to put too fine a point on it but if you can find a way to reward men with money and pussy if only they deliberately LOSE at what they do, this idea stands a chance.

If there's money and pussy on the table, I'll stand and fight. Telling me to back down so some Harriet Harperson wannabe can stand around babbling about "mansplaining" on the taxpayer dime while I flip burgers and jerk off instead of banging chicks is not going to work any time soon.

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