Like/Dislike Buttons Added

After several tries at various voting modules (I cannot believe the large number of COMPLETELY USELESS Drupal modules there are out there and the number that simply do not work or break your site... oy veh...), I finally found a simple, no-dependency thumbs-up/thumbs-down voting module. I ask that you vote a story as Like if you think it was a good story to include on the site, and Dislike if you think it was not. Vote more, please, on the matter of whether the story seemed valuable to you as an MRM-related matter, rather than on the content itself. For example, let's say I post a story that links to an article filled with misandrist BS. The content, you may find unlikable. However it may be that also in your opinion, it was good that I posted it. So in that case, click Like. As a counter-example, say I post a story about penguins. And, you like penguins. So you like the content. But is it relevant to the MRM? As nice/cute as penguins are, as a topic, they are not MRM-relevant. So in that case you'd vote Dislike.

Just a request. Undoubtedly people will vote more their judgment of the content generally than in re whether it seems germane to the MRM. This is just a request I have, that's all.

Suggestions re the site are always welcome. Feel free to post a comment or send me an email if you want to deliver feedback.

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