NWLC Petitions Secretary DeVos re Title IX

SAVE obtained a copy of a letter sent by the National Women's Law Center to Sec'y of Education Betsy DeVos with some... interesting claims in it. See for yourself here. Excerpt:

'Sexual harassment and violence plagues schools and colleges across the country. In a national survey of nearly 2,000 seventh- through twelfth-graders conducted in 2011, nearly half of all students surveyed reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment in the 2010-11 school year. 10 And a 2017 NWLC survey of 14- to 18-year-old girls found that more than one in five has been kissed or touched without their consent. To the detriment of these students though, schools have failed to address sexual harassment and violence for far too long. The facts of Title IX lawsuits resolved over the last few years provide a window into some of the harassment that schools have failed to address. In 2013, a Michigan high school student represented by NWLC filed a Title IX complaint in federal court alleging that her school was deliberately indifferent when she informed school officials of an on-campus sexual assault and subsequent cyber-bullying and harassment. As a result, the student lost class time, suffered academically, quit the soccer team and cheerleading squad, and eventually transferred to a new school to escape her attacker.

In 2014, the Law Center represented an Alabama middle school student who was raped due to a failed “sting operation” school administrators organized. After the assault and the school’s mishandling of the investigation, the student said she preferred to be alone, no longer trusted anyone, and no longer felt safe. She transferred to another school, stopped playing basketball, and went from making As, Bs, and Cs to sometimes getting all Fs. Tragically, some other students have even committed suicide in the face of sexual harassment and violence. One example is Audrie Pott, a 15 year old who took her own life in 2012 after an alleged sexual assault and sexual bullying. In 2016, Megan Rondini, a 20-year-old University of Alabama student transferred schools and hanged herself after the university denied her counseling services in the wake of an alleged sexual assault. As has been widely reported, colleges and universities across the country are also failing to prevent and address sexual harassment and assault. Study after study shows that one in five college women and one in twenty college men are sexually assaulted each year. 18 Examples abound of complaints that schools failed to properly respond to reports of sexual violence:'

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... shouldn't include "suspend due process rights/civil liberties, just to play it safe." The fastest way to tyranny is to appeal to people's desire to see a perfect world.

Schools are much like prisons: they keep ppl there largely vs. their wishes, deprive them of freedom of movement, impose oftentimes arbitrary rules on them, and force them to be at close quarters with one another regardless of how well they get along.

What could possibly go wrong?

Of course you'll have issues. You'll see criminal incidents. You see them in any population. The response isn't to suspend civil liberties nor to make it harder on ppl already being treated like criminals.

The only reason schools still exist in the age of computers is to act as babysitting services for the taxpayers, who pay through the nose for it. Even those of us w/o kids pay school taxes. I suppose we pay to keep the little darlings off the streets and away from our homes while we're at work.

No matter. So long as there are schools as we now have them, there'll be problems. The kids' civil liberties are already mostly abrogated. Doing so more will make things better?

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Maybe counter this letter by sending a letter describing the hell boys go through when a girl regrets her decision to have intercourse and decides to falsely claim rape.  For male students this causes depression, suicide, withdrawal, isolation, loss of opportunities, and they sometimes fall victim to vigilantism. 

Due process is a must!!

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" Schools are much like prisons: they keep ppl there largely vs. their wishes"

Funny you say that Matt, as I have strong feelings about this. In the USA, school is compulsory until age 18.  I usually find myself alone in my opinion, but I dont think it should be like that.  If kids want to leave let them leave.  You know how much is spent on suspensions, school psychologists (and a whole team of "specialists"), then attempting to get the suspended student caught up?

I hated high school, I was absolutely miserable.....I think most school shooters are miserable and feel trapped as they are put in a miserable environment day after day.

I don't think we should have suspensions, I think it should be like my parents rules when they gave me timeouts.  It was leave until you can come back and behave. If you don't want to ever behave then "see ya!".

Anyway.  I dont know too much about Devos, other then she supports homeschooling and allowing parents more control of their kids' education.  I also know she is the only secretary of education that I know of who met with the families of men who have been falsely accused and she has shown concern towards them.

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I believe the age of compulsory attendance ends at 16. not sure its everywhere tho.

its not just false accusations of rape that can destroy men, their families, their relationships w/ their families, and so much more. false accusations about men/boys can involve rape, molestation or d.v. it takes no actual proof to make these destructive accusations, just a vindictive enemy, of either sex.

since society shows no interest in any real punishment for women making these false accusations, don't expect anything to get better anytime soon.

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In about half the states compulsory education is still age 16, but the trend is to change to age 18 like it is in my state.  My state is one of the strictest about school attendance.  In my state after 13 absences then the juvenile courts take over managing the students attendance (even if absences are excused by parents or due to medical conditions).  The courts often demand student medical records and assign a child psychologist to the case.  IMO, this is a total invasion of privacy.

"The only reason schools still exist in the age of computers is to act as babysitting services for the taxpayers, who pay through the nose for it."  -Matt 

I agree.  With the internet, information at your fingertips, and new technology, education should be getting cheaper and cheaper.  Yet schools keep asking for more and more; and they keep expanding the role they have in student's lives.  

*This is why I homeschool, and support the freedom to homeschool, free of government oversight.  

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