UK: Police dept. withholds evidence officer falsely accused

Article here. I get the impression things in the UK are pretty bad. The police depts. are throwing their own troops under the bus. Why does any man want to do certain jobs these days? Like being a cop in the UK? Excerpt:

'A police force withheld evidence which showed an officer was falsely accused of rape, a lawyer has claimed.

PC Ryan Canning, of Cornwall, was cleared of raping a woman after charges relating to two others were dropped.

The 44-year-old's lawyer, high court advocate Kevin Hopper, said Devon and Cornwall Police's actions were either "professionally negligent" or "corrupt" and called for an inquiry.

The force has refuted the claim, saying the matter was thoroughly investigated.

In February a judge ordered two charges of rape against PC Canning, from Burraton Combe, be dropped when it emerged that police knew the women involved had sent messages which could "undermine the prosecution case or assist the defence".

He faced trial on a third count of rape, but was found not guilty by a jury at Truro Crown Court on 21 March.'

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