Feminists are to blame for the plight of boys and men

Article here. Excerpt:

'On his program "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Carlson and his team gave men in America a voice every Wednesday in March. It is only the beginning of a much-needed conversation, but it was a great start. I can't think of anyone in the media other than Carlson who's courageous enough to tackle this sensitive topic. He covered many, many facts about the plight of boys and men with sincere interest each Wednesday and afterward interviewed a different expert to discuss the problems he'd just described.
... The relentless feminist narrative Americans are exposed to every day, and have been for decades, is that women live in a "patriarchy" designed to hold them down and back. That egregious analysis of men is simply false. "There isn't a shred of hard evidence to support that Western society is pathologically patriarchal; that the prime lesson of history is that men, rather than nature, were the primary source of oppression of women," writes Jordan Peterson in 12 Rules for Life.

This lie has been hugely destructive, yet it persists. Which means if you've fallen for feminist propaganda, you're not likely to sympathize with the plight of men. If you haven't fallen for it, you will sympathize with men. Problem is, there are far more feminists in power than there are nonfeminists in power. Thus, we never hear anything in media other than male bashing. That's what made Carlson's series so utterly refreshing and vitally necessary.'

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