Slack is developing tools to tell if someone's mansplaining

Article here. Excerpt:

'In the early 1990s, newly minted Internet evangelists promised a gender-free utopia. Hierarchical identifiers like race and class would be obscured online, they argued, and biased judgements would therefore become obsolete. That didn’t quite work out.

Gender norms infiltrate digital communication today as powerfully (and as detrimentally to women) as they do in-person, show decades of linguistic analysis. Whether on listservs, text messages, Facebook, or Reddit, men tend to “digitally manspread,” as Susan Herring, a leading linguist studying digital communication dynamics, calls it. Meanwhile, women self-segregate in private, women’s-only spaces, like direct messages.

Slack, the increasingly popular workplace communication platform, is not exempt from this phenomenon. As I wrote in “Your company’s Slack is probably sexist,” women across industries say that their male colleagues dominate public-channel conversations with the same authoritative communication styles they deploy in meetings. Meanwhile, women are more likely to use supportive, friendly punctuation, and to modify their opinions with hedges like “I could be wrong, but…”

Now, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says Slack is pioneering products that will provide individual Slack users with data on whether their digital communication changes when they speak with people of different demographics. He says this data will help promote more equal, inclusive workplace cultures, and make employees more efficient and effective.'

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... is now bad for men to do. It's fine if women do it.

Self-segregation on-line. Self-segregation at work. Self-segregation at concerts and art fairs. The key word is "self". No one's making women run away from men to "safe spaces" except women.

I wish someone would run with the "Femina" ball and establish it. It's high time that women needing a safe space of women-only just created it.

Any residents who happen to want to fuck guys can leave Femina long enough to fuck a few guys then can go back. On weekends, half of Femina can empty out to get laid. The other half stay in Femina and fuck each other or tend to their gardens.

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