'Men, sit this one out': San Francisco music fest is for women, femmes and non-binary folks only

Article here. Excerpt:

'On Thursday, Thee Parkside will look different than most nights. The dive bar and music venue on San Francisco's 17th Street will be filled with women, femmes and non-binary folks.

The organizers of "No Apologies Fest," a one-night festival and benefit headlined by Oakland-based performer Ah Mer Ah Su, have a simple ask: "Men, sit this one out."

"Music events have always been major opportunities for predatory behavior," said Lauren Espina, one-half of the San Francisco-based Sea Witch Productions, who is hosting the festival with hello, cheetle. and BFF.fm.

"Every single woman I know has experienced harassment at a show," Espina continued. She includes herself – even at shows she and Sea Witch partner, Haley Scofield, booked.'

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Each and every one. Art and music festivals contribute to pusillanimy and are responsible for a great deal of sissification. Otherwise perfectly decent, real men go to an art show or concert and WHAM-O!, they come back completely PUSSIFIED!

Back in the day, no man with any self-respect would be CAUGHT DEAD at a fucking art show or goddamn music festival.

Such things are for women and sissies. Restricting admission only to women and "non-binary, non-cis-gendered persons" does us all a favor.

In fact I think there ought to be a federal law banning men from any such event. It'll be called The Preservation of Traditional Manhood Act of 2018.

I'm contacting my reps.

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