Woman sexted with lawmaker, now she wants to replace him

Article here. Excerpt:

'A woman with whom an Ohio state lawmaker exchanged sexual text messages has launched a campaign to unseat him and threatened to release more details about their relationship if he doesn’t resign.

The unusual faceoff between Republican Rep. Rick Perales, of Beavercreek, and nurse Jocelyn Smith, of Fairborn, has exploded out of nowhere just weeks before a May 8 primary.

Perales acknowledges exchanging texts with Smith in 2015 that he describes as “flirtatious.” He has said they included topless photos of Smith and sexually-tinged messages. The two met when Smith came to Perales as his constituent with an idea for a license plate to raise money for cancer research.
Smith has since escalated her claims, alleging that Perales forcibly kissed and choked her as they were leaving their first meeting in public. Perales denies having any physical contact with Smith, including kissing.

Rosenberger’s spokesman Brad Miller said the kissing and choking allegations were new and that Rosenberger is investigating.'

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Women who want to get fast-tracked into political office need no longer marry male pols (HRC) or rich guys (KG). Now they simply honey-trap them by mere text messages then further accuse them of misconduct and run against them.

She needs no platform. She needs no positions. She needs only enough brains to pull it off. And the sheeple? Well, maybe not a majority will vote for her. But there's a chance they will.

Quite brilliant in its own way.

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