Democrats accuse GOP of 'sexist, white-male agenda' over budget negotiation's makeup

Article here. Excerpt:

'Kentucky Democrats admonished Republican legislative leaders for picking a group of white men to hammer out the state's roughly $22 billion biennium budget.

But the criticism draws equal attention to the lack diversity in Democratic leadership ranks, which is the pool where state lawmakers for those negotiations are usually selected.

Democratic state Reps. Attica Scott and Mary Lou Marzian, both of Louisville, took to social media to point out that no women or racial minorities have seats at the budget table or other conferences.

"We just had three conference committees appointed that have NOOOO women serving to add to the debates," Scott tweeted last week. "You're dreaming if you think that invisibility and sexism do not exist in government and politics."'

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... a lot more women in public office if the following were true:

1. A lot more tried. You have to run for an office to get it.
2. A lot more campaigned seriously. HRC didn't campaign. She ran. But she didn't campaign. You have to get out there and sell yourself to the sheeple. DJT in contrast campaigned like a madman. He in fact lost the election but won the office bc he campaigned wisely. To win office, you have to apply yourself in multiple ways. Some women do this and win. Many though do not.
3. A lot more had a plan. "I'm a woman, vote for me," is not a plan. It's a slogan. You have to have an idea of what you plan to do if you win the office.
4. A lot more were ready to shell out. You have to be ready to spend your own money. Offices don't come for free. Waiting to have it given to you gratis is unrealistic.

I could go on but I think the reader gets the idea.

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I want to know how the Russians managed to rig the election so Hillary won the popular vote but Trump won the electoral vote.

Somebody should hire those guys as campaign consultants.


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