Talk Show Host: “I Hate Men (I Hate All Men)”

Article here. Excerpt:

'Toronto indie-punk trio Talk Show Host released the first video from their third EP, Not Here To Make Friends. The song’s title, “I Hate Men (I Hate All Men)”, is not meant to be taken sarcastically: the song skewers male entitlement, with verses delivered by an oblivious narrator who represents the worst of male privilege. The song features Madeleine Maynard on guest vocals. The trio enlisted French director Judith Florent-Lapara to visually capture the essence of the song. The video features a crew of energetic teenage girls ready to laugh at the ongoing presence of the patriarchy in the music scene. The video is available to view below.'

TALK SHOW HOST - I Hate Men (I Hate All Men)

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Reminds me of other similar kinds of things. One is Michael Moore. He is a self-hating man. These punk kids are too.

I suppose one could hold an APA-sponsored conference on this phenomenon: self-hating men. Aside from the indoctrination they've been getting, what else could we be seeing? Possibly reproductive competition sublimated to generalized misandry? I speculate that the general breakdown of the nuclear family, specif. fatherlessness, creates boys with little or no practice at relating to men. There are few in schools, none or few at home, so they are in effect raised almost entirely by women. The only males around them are other boys in similar situations. Without identification with men, boys are growing up to be men who don't realize they are men. They hate men (though know so few of them except men who don't identify as men), they feel free to declare their hatred of ppl they for the most part never see, excluding their male friends who call themselves all manner of things, just not "men".

Reminds me of racism. Ppl declare their dislike/hatred of ppl of X color even when they don't know any or have met only a very few.

Women declaring their hatred of men is at least a bit more understandable. After all, we're all about fucking them senseless. They OTOH want all kinds of other things from us instead. They find this disparity in goals very frustrating I'm sure so express it by such endearing declarations as "Men suck!"

Still rude and nasty but at least a bit more understandable, esp. here in the Age of Misandry and Feminism.

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