UK: Next Labour leadership election should be a women-only contest, says Harriet Harman

Article here. Excerpt:

'Labour’s next leadership election should be a women-only contest, Harriet Harman has said, in order to give the party its first female leader since it was founded in 1900.

The former deputy leader and interim leader following Ed Miliband’s defeat at the ballot box in 2015 called for men to sit out the battle to succeed Jeremy Corbyn, whenever it comes.

Ms Harman said her idea was “startling” a lot of would-be leaders who are laughing at the initiative.'

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The idea around republican democracy is to expand the realm of possibilities for the electorate to represent themselves among those who make the laws. Likewise in re internal leadership positions.

By limiting who can be or run for the leader post for a party based on indellible characteristics you in effect refute a basic goal of republicanism. In a representative democracy, discrimination based on indellible characteristics is undeniably un-democratic.

But I think you know this already but just don't give a fuck.

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