New Zealand: Minister for Women says old white men should 'move on' from company boards

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women's Minister Julie Anne Genter says old white men need to "move on" from company boards to help close the gender pay gap.

Speaking to students at Christchurch's Cobham Intermediate School on Thursday, Genter said the private sector needed to address the low level of female representation on New Zealand company boards if more businesses were to be led by women.

About 85 per cent of board members were male, and many were "old white men in their 60s".'

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Older ppl generally are to be found on Boards bc they have track records. Track records are the best indicator of competence. Not surprisingly, therefore, ppl with longer track records that show success are the more desirable Board members bc proven competence at business mgt. is THE biggest req't for a position of business oversight.

So older ppl are in general more likely to be found on Boards than those with shorter track records.

As to proven competence at business mgt.: managing a business or businesses that both survive and thrive are the definition of success. For whatever reasons, and I doubt racism is at work (no one cares abt skin color when it comes to what stuff they want to buy), white men are more successful at managing companies than others.

Why? Dunno. But as I said, I have a hard time saying it's racism or sexism. Does anyone care if Jeff Bezos is a white man? Or do they just plain love 2-day delivery and low prices? Not to mention a very responsive and easy to use web site. His sex and color isn't relevant but these other facts are.

Further, for every white man who is successful enough to be on a Board, another 500 or 1000 white male business owners/mgrs. are NOT competent enough to be on Boards, and they never get onto any. So if it's due to racism and/or sexism, then how is it that so many white male business types are NOT on Boards?

One day, this kind of overt racism and sexism coming from this gov't minister will be viewed popularly for just what it is. We got work to do before that day comes though.

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Given Julie Anne Genter is a Minister of the New Zealand executive government, does this mean that official New Zealand public policy is proudly sexist, ageist and racist?
Must be as the Prime Minister has not rebuked the Women's Minister for her hateful remarks.
Awesome. So hate speech is now fine, so long as you hate older white men. What a bunch of hypocrites.
Remind me not to go to New Zealand.

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