America Has A Major Fatherlessness Problem On Its Hands

Article here. Excerpt:

'After yet another school shooting, which we all knew would eventually happen, the connection between fatherlessness and school shooters has finally been seriously exposed. Several videos, discussing the links between fatherlessness and school shooters, generated over ten million views and articles drew an unprecedented level of interest.

In fact, for the first time in decades, the issue broke into the national media, in a significant way. Top rated cable news program Tucker Carlson Tonight is dedicating every Wednesday in March to issues impacting “Men in America”. In announcing the series, he said:

“Does a generation of boys growing up without fathers pose a threat to this country? Of course it does, why wouldn’t it?”

Not to mention it hurts girls too.'

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And it won't get better until the courts and the law recognize fathers' rights as much as they recognize fathers' responsibilities.

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