UK: Forklift driver killed himself after being falsely accused of rape

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ross Bullock, 38, met his accuser in February 2015 and the pair had sex at his workplace, before exchanging dozens of flirtatious messages.

But the following month Ross, from Redditch, Worcestershire, was arrested and questioned by cops, after the woman accused him of rape, according to the Mail On Sunday.

Mr Bullock showed officers the texts, including one exchange, where Mr Bullock asked: "Well I hope u had a good time," to which the woman replied: "It was alright I suppose!! X."

Police told him they wouldn't be taking action, but warned he could still be charged at a later date.

After a "year of torment", Mr Bullock hanged himself in the garage of his family home and left a note to say he had "hit rock bottom" and that he would be "free from this living hell".'

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... who doubt the appeal of sex bots.

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