Student disciplined in classroom dispute allowed to return to class

Article here. Excerpt:

'A student at the center of a dispute over free speech and classroom etiquette at Indiana University of Pennsylvania can return to his religious studies class, and disciplinary proceedings have been shelved — at least temporarily, IUP president Michael Driscoll said Monday.

The student, Lake Ingle, faced university sanctions after he complained in class about a speaker’s opinions on topics including white male privilege, sexism and gender pay disparities.

In a prepared statement Monday, Mr. Driscoll said he had decided to “indefinitely pause” the disciplinary proceedings and allow Mr. Ingle to return to class. Mr. Driscoll said the emotionally charged nature of the dispute and media attention led to a “spate of invective, threat, obscene phone calls and misinformation.”

“As a result of how things have played out, I am afraid that the thoughtful, dispassionate review of the matter is impossible,” he said.

In a brief statement after Mr. Driscoll’s announcement, Mr. Ingle said, “I am thankful the president made the correct decision.”'

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