Silicon Valley’s Favorite Prison Reformer Accused of Sexual Assault and Harassment

Article here. Innocent until proven guilty, for everyone. My point here is that if she were a he, he would have been forced to resign already. Excerpt:

'Regarding Gordon’s allegations, “our investigation is ongoing,” the board said in its statement. “But we now feel compelled to say, based on our preliminary assessment, that Mr. Gordon’s allegations do not appear to be supported by other members of the organization or by other evidence available to the investigators.”

But in interviews with The Daily Beast, other former employees supported some of Gordon’s allegations.

Defy settled a complaint brought by a female former employee who said Hoke “reached her hand up the employee’s skirt twice at a company party,” according to Gordon’s letter to prison officials.

“The employee signed an NDA [nondisclosure agreement] prohibiting her from disclosing the incident or the existence of the NDA to anyone except the CEO, her husband or the COO,” Gordon’s letter continued. “Two employees who witnessed the assault were forced to relinquish their personal mobile phones and passwords” and were questioned by an attorney from Gordon & Rees.

It wasn’t the only time Hoke was accused of sexual harassment at Defy.

A former Defy client, Kenneth Maxwell, sued Hoke in 2015 alleging he was forced out of the program over his “refusal to consummate a personal and sexual relationship” with Hoke, according to his complaint. The lawsuit was dismissed after Maxwell failed to serve defendants with a summons and complaint.'

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