College Student Denied Free Speech Offered Free Tuition

Article here. Excerpt:

'A college student kicked out of class for saying there are only two genders has been offered a full scholarship to Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

School President Everett Piper told CBN News that OWU is an institution "where we still teach biology and where we still teach Christian orthodoxy." He added that the school is "offering to wave this young man's tuition if he wants to finish his degree here."

Professor Alison Downie kicked senior Luke Ingle from a Christianity class at Indiana University Pennsylvania because he challenged her beliefs on biology and the gender wage gap.

She reportedly referred him to the IUP Academic Integrity Board. Ingle said the university has denied him the right to free speech.
"I'm embarrassed by my industry," said Piper. "I think it's time for the industry of higher education to admit that we are making ourselves to look the fool. This is just foolish for us to deny biological facts. This is foolish for us to elevate feelings over what is a scientific, factual issue."'

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Actually he should tell them to pay his loans up to now. Then sue the university and write a book on what happened.

He can save a lot more money by avoiding college entirely and learning some real skills. Perhaps he should go into business doing something.

The degree he was working on is worthless anyway.

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