Oxford University will 'feminise' its philosophy reading lists to appeal more to women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Oxford University will ‘feminise’ its philosophy curriculum in order to appeal to more female students and boost writers profiles.

The university’s Faculty of Philosophy requested that 40 per cent of the recommended authors on its reading lists are women.

Academic staff have also been asked to use writers’ first names when compiling reading lists instead of their initials, in order to highlight those that were written by women.

It aims to increase the appeal of philosophy to female students, according to the Daily Telegraph.

As part of the changes, the university is also introducing an undergraduate paper on feminist philosophy and has appointed new academics to teach it.'

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The Philo. Dept. is the perfect target for getting feminist studies (so-called) into the core curriculum of universities. Even the ideas buttressing science itself: the scientific method -- started as abstract philosophical tenets. Repeatability, for example, as a hallmark of the SM has been debated philosophicallh for hundreds of years. What becomes of the SM should feminists succeed at injecting such req'ts as "the experiment must have been performed at least once by a woman who confirms prior findings" into it? Think something that nutty can't happen? Guess again. The SM exists in part as a crucible to burn away irrelevancies and illogical thinking so that the conclusions drawn are as near to truth, or sincerely believed so, as can be. Still, the SM can and does still get things wrong. Add feminism to it and see how much more often that is true.

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