Canada: Court delivers a blow to free speech

Article here. Excerpt:

'John Carpay with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has been fighting a battle on behalf of three student groups. Each group is fighting their university’s students’ union for the right to have club status. Two are pro-life groups, while the other is a men’s rights group.
The Ryerson Men’s Issues Awareness Society is the real headscratcher. The group tries to bring awareness about issues that disproportionately affect boys, such as higher suicide rates, homelessness, workplace injuries and failure in school. It currently has a female president and half of its members are female – and why wouldn’t it?
... But Ryerson’s students’ union argues that the Women and Trans Collective were already dealing with these issues, and that because men have “systemic privilege,” a club like this couldn’t be allowed because it would “harass” women and make them feel “unsafe.”

I’d really like to meet the woman who says talking about the fact that men are more likely to be homeless, penniless, living in the rough, begging for food, sleeping in shelters, suffering from PTSD, addiction, mental illness and unable to work makes them – as a woman – feel harassed and unsafe.
The court said in its decision, in part, that there is “no entitlement to union club status and official status has nothing to do with freedom to associate or freedom of expression” and that the group “lost little, if anything, from not being an official club on campus.”

If you can’t rely on the courts to uphold your rights to free speech that’s a big problem. But an even bigger problem is these mini-dictators on university students’ unions are the so-called leaders of tomorrow. That’s a thought that makes me feel “unsafe.”'

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