Why young men are being left out of Alberta's economic recovery

Article here. Excerpt:

'The recession saw thousands of people leaving Calgary office towers with cardboard boxes in hand. Many managers, engineers, administrative staff and so on were let go as oil prices fell. Today, most are finding opportunities elsewhere.

While perhaps the jobs they find are not as good or as high paying, and certainly not without costs along the way, for many the recovery is real. But for young men, it's actually gotten worse.
Consider the following chart created with Statistics Canada data.

It illustrates the change in employment rates for Albertans of different age and gender. That is, it shows the change in the share of each group that has a job. One group is clearly not like the others.'

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... just watch migration trends as time passes. Men go to where there is opportunity, economically-speaking. Women then go to where the men have gone. The result is that people generally migrate outward.

By pursuing a strategy of employment policy in an area that favors women over men, naturally men will begin to depart the area. Soon women follow even if they have good jobs. Like it or not, O feminists, the bulk of women tend to go where the boys are. The boys for their part tend to go where the opportunities to do better in life are. It's a really age-old pattern of human migration that holds to this day.

It goes even this far: Germanic and Celtic warriors at times had to go into the field for weeks or months at a time to deal with real or potential threats. Not so fast, mister. The women of these tribes were notorious for going with them, even on the days of battle, if any, they showed up at least to see how things went for their hubbies. And the warriors tried to discourage Morag and Hildegaard from tagging along but to no avail. The image of Viking warriors on ships full of men is not quite accurate. Like it or not, their missuses often came with.

I've further discussed how so many cities in Europe started as permanent Roman forts or camps. The intent when established was not to attract throngs of women looking to set up housekeep with Roman legionaries, but that's exactly what happened.

Here in the US, certain parts of certain states have enjoyed an oil and gas rush as new deposits have been found. Initially these areas attracted many men looking for work. Check with the US Population Survey. Over the past two decades, who else began showing up looking less for work and more for men who work? Yep.

Feminists seem hell-bent on trying to stop Mother Nature in her tracks. Hell I get it. I would too myself if I could. But I can't. Mother Nature is a tough, mean old bitch who doesn't take advice or orders from anyone -- not even feminists.

So brace yourself, Alberta. You're about to start losing your Millenials.

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