UK: Movement to create special prisons etc. for women still on

Article here. Excerpt:

'There are other women like Anna who have not received such support. Their stories have become worryingly familiar to us as officers of the all-party parliamentary group on women in the penal system. Ten years after the Corston report was published, calling for a radical change to the way women are treated throughout the criminal justice system, little has changed. The need for a distinctive approach to meeting the needs of women in trouble with the law is well established; it’s a system largely designed by men, for men. Despite the harmful impact of women’s imprisonment being well known, with worrying increases in incidences of self harm and suicide, it is still happening.
On 13 March, our group will launch a major inquiry into the sentencing of women in England and Wales. We are still pushing for the recommendations of the 2007 Corston report to be implemented in full. We will hear from the Magistrates’ Association at our first meeting, and Dr Phillip Lee, the justice minister responsible for women in prison has also accepted our invitation to give evidence.

The government has indicated that a new female offender strategy will be published soon. We hope this will herald a change in approach so that more women like Anna are kept away from prison and given the support they need.'

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Prisons don't exist to serve criminals and their "needs". They exist to serve the needs of ppl who don't get put there due to their own law-breaking behavior.

Prison is hard, dirty, stressful, at times violent, etc. Not a place you want to be. Not a place you get stuff given to you. That's the idea. That state helps keep ppl away from doing things that get them put there.

Just how are things going to be better when women who break laws know that in so doing their access to free stuff and opportunities will only increase as a form of... punishment?

Only in a feminist's mind do criminals require rewards for criminal behavior -- provided they are female, of course.

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