Why having a husband can be like having a third child

Article here. Excerpt:

'"Having a husband is like having an extra child.”

I’ve heard this countless times in various forms from mothers.

Mothers with two kids will joke that they have three children at home. Or they’ll say that they’ve got three biological kids and an adult step-child who also answers to “husband”.

And then there are the women who genuinely look forward to their partner’s business trips because they get to lower their standards for a week or two without complaint or insinuation that they’ve violated some unspoken marital contract.

It turns out that all of these “jokes” aren’t just baseless husband-bashing banter between mother friends. New research suggests that these married mothers are on the money: husbands are hard work.'

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... why do women keep pursuing marriage?

Stop getting hitched. Problem solved.

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I wonder if they had asked men whether having a wife can be like having another child. Or if they took into account that men typically work more hours outside the home than women, particularly when the woman has children.

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