UK: Sarah Champion: Misogyny Is A Hate Crime

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last year, Superintendent Ted Antill, the hate crime lead at Nottinghamshire Police, explained to the Home Affairs Committee that recording incidents of misogyny helps the police improve their understanding of hate crime and target their activities to prevent and detect it.

But recognising misogyny as a hate crime is not just about data collection. It’s about telling victims that you recognise the impact of what has happened to them, it’s about giving women the confidence to speak out, and it’s about making it clear to everyone that misogynistic behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

Last year, the APPG on domestic violence, of which I am an officer, convened a meeting to consider tackling misogyny as a hate crime. At the meeting, Rosemary Mansfield shared her personal experience of reporting a misogynistic incident of verbal abuse at a building site in Nottingham.'

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