Manspreaders and cat-callers must be lashed, Iranian women demand

Article here. Excerpt:

I'Iranian women's rights activists are demanding the authorities enforce a law that would see men guilty of harassment, catcalling and manspreading in public receive up to 74 lashes.

The Tehran municipality has been presented with a series of posters designed by a feminist group calling attention to a law that provides for corporal punishment for men harassing women.

The posters, which the activists reportedly want the authorities to place in public, recall that Iran's Islamic Criminal Code punishes "immoral acts" in public, which they say includes harassment against women.

The proposed posters show men occupying outsized spaces on public transport - a practice known as manspreading - men in cars and motorbikes catcalling a woman; and men chasing a solitary woman on a street.'

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In Muslim countries, corporal punishment like whipping is within the tradition. That's problem no. 1. But problem no. 2 is proportionality. Provability is an affiliated issue of course.

It's hard to know quite where to begin with this. Just trying to conceptualize the idea that for sitting with your legs spread, you could actually receive some number of lashes. I doubt, tbh, Iranian authorities will take the advice of these feminists. But that there are even such people in such a society attests to how far-reaching the feminist hate movement has become.

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