Our Society Needs More Masculinity, Not Less

Article here. Excerpt:

'What these man-hating, virtue-signaling, third-wave feminist whitewashed tombs don’t realize is: it’s not masculinity that’s the problem, it’s a lack of masculinity. It’s not male strength that’s the base of our issues, it’s male weakness.

Confident, self-assured men – the kind our society needs – don’t rape women. They don’t harass their female employees. Brave men don’t bully their peers. Strong men don’t shoot up schools. They don’t patronize or hurt others to prove their masculinity.

Weak, insecure ones do.

That’s why 26 out of the last 27 deadliest mass shooters were fatherless. That’s why boys who grow up in single-mother homes are twice as likely to commit crimes than those who grow up with a present dad. That’s why both sons and daughters are more likely to become depressed without a strong relationship with their father. That’s why 71% of high school dropouts are fatherless.'

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... she's another be-the-kind-of-man-who-best-serves-women type. She even says it's Christ-like men who are needed. Really? We need men who get betrayed by all their friends and executed slowly and painfully at 33? Who are fine with throwing themselves under the bus for everyone else?

If you are in fact an immortal God, you can afford this. However mortal men are not.

I'd like to see one of these strong God-fearing career women one day advocate for a version of manhood that suggests to men they decide their own course in life without considering placing female imperatives at the point of highest consideration.

That'll be the day you see the clouds part.

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For one thing, the whole concept of a person either being "strong" or "weak" is a flawed dichotomy. An individual is usually somewhere between the two extremes of strong and weak, and the level of strength/weakness can change with that person over time.

For another thing, how exactly does one define "strong" or "weak"? The same personality traits in a given person may seem "strong" to one observer and "weak" to another.

The same thing goes for "winner" vs "loser", "mature" vs "immature" and so on.

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Weak = It doesn't serve women

Women like her would never suggest a man who has a MGTOW approach to life is strong. Such women as her take to condemning, criticizing, insulting, belittling, and decrying men who don't do just as HRH thinks they should.

Many of the traits she mentions indeed are admirable and desirable in many contexts. But for women like her, they are only admirable in a man who has thrown himself into the service of a woman and her children. In a man who applies them to other matters and especially he who eschews rel'ps w/ women on the kind of terms she wants, she has nothing good to say about him.

I'm of the mind that men needed a men's rights/liberation movement not just as 2nd wave feminism took off. I think men needed it way before then. At some point, I don't know when, but "good manhood" became associated with doing for women and children, even thanklessly. It was at that point men needed a liberation movement.

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