Vancouver man calls ‘Men Working Above’ signs discriminatory

Article here. Excerpt:

'“Men Working Above” signs are a common sight when window cleaners and other high-rise workers are on the job on streets across Canada, but one Vancouver resident thinks they’re discriminatory, and is now calling on his city to do something about it.

Glyn Lewis said he realized it when he saw one while he was out on the streets of Vancouver.

“I thought to myself ‘well there’s no way that this company only hires men, right,’ so there’s gotta be women who are window cleaners and there’s going to be days where they’re above that sign and it’s a woman working, and yet the sign below says ‘men working above.’ I thought that was discriminatory, I thought it was offensive, and I just don’t think that’s the kind of public message that we want in our city.”'

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Well sure women work at that company. But do they work at desks or in lift buckets 20 storeys off the ground?

I doubt many if any women actually work in the buckets but I suppose that can be discovered. You know, changing the signs isn't really such a bad idea. If they read "People working above," maybe some women will see themselves as potential bucket-workers. It pays badly and is dangerous. No reason why men should have all the fun.

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