Letter: Ruling Against MR Group Was Justified

Article here. Excerpt:

'There has been a stir recently at Ryerson University due to the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) declining to grant campus group status to the Ryerson Men’s Issues Awareness Society (MIAS). The MIAS appealed this decision all the way through the RSU’s appeals system and then, when the appeal process did not change the RSU’s decision, the MIAS went further and sued the RSU for breaching their freedom of association and expression.

The RSU’s arguments hinged on the fact that the MIAS was working with the Canadian Association for Equality, which has also supported groups such as Voice for Men who have been linked to violence against women on various university campuses. The RSU has various campaigns focused on furthering women’s rights and pushes for the expansion of such rights across campus.'

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"...such as Voice for Men who have been linked to violence against women on various university campuses..."

Huh?? Talk about your made-up horsecrap!

By getting the convo to turn into a series of denials from a falsely-accused group, the illegitimacy of the argument gets ignored. So don't allow that to happen.

When femwits pull this tactic out, don't fall for it. Just point out the holes in their argument and let Reality take care of the rest.

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I read the article and was also wondering what the heck they were talking about with that quote about A Voice For Men? Does ANYONE know what they might be referring to?

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You see, there was this incident back in 2012, when Warren Farrell was speaking at the U of T. One of the women in the group of protestors claimed she was physically assaulted by an MRA at the event.

A Voice for Men responded by offering a $10 000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the assailant, who was never caught. Makes sense. It's hard to be caught when you don't exist.

Anyway, the RSU is definitely guilty of libel. The fact that AvFM put up money to try to find the assailant proves they are against violence against women, and violence in general for that matter.

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