Feminism has become obsessed with victimhood

Article here. Excerpt:

'I never used to miss an International Women’s Day march. Too much was at stake not to attend: our atrocious lack of reproductive rights, sexual discrimination, the hidden epidemic of domestic violence and many other vital issues. It was important to stand up and be counted, to march alongside other feminists in support of our shared goals, to bang drums, wave placards, making a blaze of colour and noise in the street.

This was also the time to celebrate the tremendous gains of the women’s movement, the freedoms we had won, together with a powerful sense of political and personal agency that had been denied to previous generations. It was fun, exhilarating, and it seemed like there was nothing in the world that we couldn’t do, if we stuck together.
Feminism, like other forms of identity politics, has become obsessed with victimhood, in what I consider a seriously disempowering way. It has begun to feel like a religion, with its own strict rules about what women are permitted to say, do and think.

For me being a feminist has always meant supporting women’s freedom to be whoever they want to be, regardless of whether anyone else approves or not. That’s why I’m uncomfortable with the “grid girls” of Formula 1 being fired. Motor sport, with its ludicrously macho swagger, basks in the borrowed glow of politically correct virtue. Meanwhile a bunch of women are out of a job. Who benefits? Has anything actually changed?'

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... seeing feminism had morphed into a religion, aside of course from fellow MRAs. To think, this was written by a FEMINIST, too!

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