Higher number of women soldiers ‘leads to better decisions’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The evidence is “overwhelming” that more women soldiers have led to better decision-making, the Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces, Vice-Admiral Mark Mellett has declared.

Speaking at an International Women’s Day conference on Women in Peacekeeping in The Hague, he said a better gender balance benefits all levels of military forces.

Better gender balance was a driver of military capability, he argued: “Capability that has utility on land in the air and at sea; capability that has utility in peacemaking, peacekeeping, stabilisation and civil society”.

Therefore, in military organisations women, gender, equality, diversity and inclusion are all matters of leadership, leadership that will enable women in peacekeeping to become force multipliers for better outcomes.

He said the Defence Forces, which has targeted women in recruitment campaigns in recent years in an effort to increase the current level of around 6.4 per cent, needed more women for practical reasons.'

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Allow me to translate: Nuclear bombs have all but dispensed with large-scale warfare as practical or likely. However the commanders of military organizations love h@ving big budgets and high headcounts. To maintain these, the militaries need raisons d'etres. Peace-keeping missions are one of them.

Peace-keeping male soldiers naturally bang cheap local women who fuck for 50 cents (or less), a long-standing tradition in human history involving women in war-depleted areas getting comfortable with men from places better-heeled in exchange for stuff. Be that as it may this long-serving tradition has come under condemnation. So to save the militaries of the world embarassment, and to stop those local women from getting stockings and chocolates, the idea is to deploy female soldiers as peace-keepers, den mothers, and cookie-distributors to recently-whacked locales in the world.

Male soldiers will still be around but in far lesser numbers. However should actual killing of people and breaking of things be needed, Johnny will be called into action while Janey stays back in places like Haiti dressed well with a tray of cookies.

Janey however will get promoted before Johnny. After all, if "affirmative action" works so well in the civilian workforce, it's bound to be great in the military.

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