Not Everyone Is Thrilled that Men Are Disappearing from Gynecology Field

Article here. Excerpt:

'Some top doctors argue that men are receiving a new message that they aren’t as welcome as females in the gynecology world. Dr. Carl Smith, the head of the OB-GYN department at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, says that men who have an interest in the OB-GYN department are in for a bit of a roadblock.

“It sends a horrible message to men who might have a nascent interest in OB-GYN that’s promptly quashed,” Smith said.

Carol Weissman an OB-GYN professor at Penn State made the argument it seems like some are saying that the field needs men to be sure that the field has the best possible people. “It seems to me that there’s some residual sexism in that view, that we need men to be sure that we’re training the best possible people for our specialty. I find that very odd,” Weissman said.'

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Men invented modern medicine, including gynecology as a specialty. Just sayin'.

Further, feminists have often argued that 1) gender doesn't matter, really, unless the gender ratio doesn't favor women, of course, and that 2) without an even split of the sexes, we can't in any profession get the best results because the best and brightest MUST arise from both the sexes.

Hmm. If no. 2 is true then why not when the imbalance disfavors male representation?

Oh yeah... see no. 1! Of course, how silly of me!

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