Car shop to hold mechanic workshop for women, guarantees no ‘mansplaining'

Article here.

'A Texas car repair shop is offering the chance for women to crawl under the hood and learn basic car repair and maintenance.

It’s called Pistons and Pixie Dust and will be held by San Antonio’s Rene’s Executive Automotive Appearance later this month, KSAT reported.

The class is being described as an opportunity for women to become “a more educated vehicle owner.”

Tools, gloves and rags are being provided, but women are also being encouraged to bring their own, KSAT reported.

They all must wear closed-toed shoes and clothing that can get dirty. Long hair has to be tied back and no jewelry that dangles will be permitted.

The classes, which guarantee there will be no “mansplaining,” are taught by women for women, KSAT reported.'

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Remember, even in Texas, this is true: Whenever a man explains anything to a woman, it's mansplaining. It's offensive. I don't care if the world's best auto mechanic is a man, if he explains anything to a mechanic-student who is female, it's evil.

No man has anything worthwhile to say to a woman, in fact.

Men shouldn't talk to women. That just wastes everyone's time.

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