Theresa May slams Jeremy Corbyn for ‘mansplaining’ International Women’s Day

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Prime Minister roasted the Labour leader after he attacked her for welcoming the Saudi crown prince to the UK with “open arms” today.

The row began when Mr Corbyn said in his opening question to Mrs May that: “Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, a chance to both celebrate on how far we’ve come on equality for women.

“But also to reflect on how far we still have to go, not just in this country but around the world.”

He linked the issue to the imminent arrival of Mohammed bin Salman for an official visit, saying despite hgis recent reomrs [sic] there has been a “sharp increase” in arrests and torture of dissidents.
A clearly riled Mrs May replied: “Well first of all can I thank the right honourable gentleman for telling me that it is International Women’s Day tomorrow.”

After much laughter from the Tory benches she added: “I think that’s what’s called mansplaining!”'

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Why, if she were in Belgium,... nothing'd happen. That new law isn't there to arrest women for sexism, only men.

But as to substance, there's none. You'd think Corbyn mentioning IWD would be welcome to a feminist like May. Instead she uses it vs. him. And further she fails to address his points.

There was a victim of sexism in this exchange but it wasn't Theresa May.

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Every time a female politician uses the term "mansplain", it just proves she is useless in her line of work. If all you can do to reply to valid criticism is to serve up a derogatory remark, that means you have no debate skills and no defense of your actions. It would be like a white politician responding to criticism from a black politician by calling them the n-word.

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