Former Student Sues Emory, Citing Bias in Title IX Process

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Emory law student has sued the University after it suspended him for engaging in non-consensual sexual intercourse with a former female student and later rejected his appeal. He is seeking re-admission and monetary compensation, alleging that Emory’s Office of Title IX “held biased assumptions that female students would not make false accusations of sexual assault against their fellow male students” and deprived him of due process.

After the Office of Title IX found Troy Daly, 27, responsible for violating the Emory Sexual Misconduct Policy for non-consensual sexual intercourse last year, Daly was involved in a seven-month Title IX process, pursued an appeal and received three separate sets of sanctions. After his appeal failed, Daly filed a March 2017 lawsuit in DeKalb County Superior Court against the University. He denies that he sexually assaulted the woman, who reported that the sexual actions were consensual until sexual intercourse, court documents show. The Wheel is omitting identifying information about the woman to protect her privacy.'

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