What Has Campus Feminism Done for Women?

Article here. Excerpt:

'American college campuses are awash in feminist theory, feminist events, feminist centers, and feminist faculty. But has this done anything to improve the lives of women? In today’s Martin Center article, Shannon Watkins argues that it has done the opposite.

In fact, she dares to suggest that the real “war on women” is being waged under the banner of feminism.

“On the surface,” she writes, “feminist ideals seem to have the good of all women in mind: After all, who would characterize him or herself as opposed to women’s ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’? But a closer look at campus culture reveals that, in order to be considered ‘pro-woman,’ one must accept a narrowly defined set of values — values that many women find unrelatable, if not repulsive. This includes the glorification of abortion, the rejection of masculinity, and the exaltation of sexual liberation.”'

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Campus feminism has had the following effects. Why young women would find these undesirable, I can't understand. Campus feminism has:

1. Brought the sex ratio on campus to 3.5 males to 6.5 females.
2. Taught young men that approaching women for romance/sex is wicked/evil/rapey/etc. and just don't do it.
3. Taught young men to avoid contact with women lest they become accused of something.
4. Introduced lesbian sex to young women as a joyful, better approach to getting off than sex with men, and in some schools, you can get credit for trying it. No kidding. Besides, fucking dudes is getting raped anyway and who wants that?
5. Taught young women that feminism is actually an employable skillset. Majoring in it is fine. If you can't find work after college, it's sexism and you can sue everyone.
6. College is a vast sea of violent sexual outrage that is just well-hidden. Have faith that it is even if you don't see it.
7. Women are oppressed and have been since humanity emerged.

There are other great things campus feminism has done for and taught coeds. Seeing just these 7, how can they not think it's all good?

SMH. Kids these days.

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