Law students caught crying 'wolf' over Christina Hoff Sommers speech

Article here. Excerpt:

'Monday at 12 p.m., PST, controversial author and American Enterprise Institute scholar Christina Hoff Sommers will give a speech on trigger warnings, safe spaces, and victimhood culture at Portland’s Lewis & Clark Law School. Groups have begun to organize protests, with the Portland-based Twitter account Always Antifascist claiming that Sommers “is basically [a Men's Rights Activist] and rape apologist/denialist.”

Perhaps more worrisome, though, is the statement put out by the school’s chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, Minority Law Student Association, Women’s Law Caucus, Jewish Law Society, and the school’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter, among others, which claims that the Federalist Society is inviting a “known fascist” to campus in an “act of aggression and violence toward members of our society who experience racial and gendered oppression.” The groups call on the Federalist Society to rescind the speaking invitation and come out in full force to bring signs and peacefully protest the event.'

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