Do We Need to Redefine Masculinity—or Get Rid of It?

Article here. Excerpt:

'This side of Poppi doesn’t quite fit our country’s definition of “masculine”—which we often assume includes attributes like strong, withdrawn, and violent.
It might sound rash, getting rid of masculinity. But it’s really not a crazy thought. We only have to look back a little over 100 years to understand that, in America, the concept of masculinity was constructed to defend white supremacy and white male dominance over black men and women of all races.'

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I posted this as an example of the head-shaking degree of ignorance found among people like the author. Her lack of education on the topic of what has constituted "manhood" in history, where and when, is nearly numbing in its depth. As for her idea further of what currently constitutes masculine traits and why... I can only blame the modern academy for it, I suppose.

What's most tragic about ppl like her is the degree to which she is out of touch with reality. I have observed that the closer one is in touch with reality itself, and thus the truth of fact, generally the happier they are, because with that knowledge they can plan accordingly and maximize what in life brings them happiness. In a sense, being in touch with reality implies knowing thyself, too.

People acting with false ideas or ideations fueling them are bound to do or perceive things that are unrealistic or not practical. This leads to thwarted efforts and undesired outcomes. Who can say how many of the "many cis white guys" she's dated who after she "confronted" them with "their misogyny" have hauled away in the other direction, leading her perhaps to scratch her head and wonder, Gee, what's wrong with THEM?

No matter I suppose. She isn't alone in that regard. MGTOW is popular for a reason.

But women like her annoying off (as opposed to chasing off) men does do one thing for humanity: it discourages rampant reproduction. That's one good effect of so many women being patently undatable.

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The author claims that white men once treated black men as less than human, as not quite real men.

Now she wants to do the same to all men--to treat them all as inherently defective.

It shows that NOW is just an updated version of the KKK. What feminists want is to treat all men as less than human, certainly less than women. NOW is simply the KKK with a wider net--all men, not just black men.

And she never quite says what she means about getting rid of masculinity. But that's a meme a lot of feminists have embraced: reduce men to breeding stock who might be useful for fixing things. Kinda like slaves. No, very much like slaves.

What's sad is that this was published in a respected magazine. It shows how much work needs to be done.

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