Firefighting Empowerment Camp for Girls Canceled After Complaint

Article here. Excerpt:

'A firefighting empowerment camp for girls was abruptly canceled after a discrimination complaint to the city.

That complaint came from a boy's father who called it a "girls only" empowerment camp that deterred his son from taking part.

Organizers with the Girls Empowerment Camp told us registration for the March 3 and 4 camp filled up with 100 participants in just three days. There were 40 participants on a wait list too. But now, no one will be taking part.
The foundation also added that gender isn't asked about on the registration. The attorney never filed a lawsuit against the foundation but did cite many anti-discrimination laws in his letter to the city.

He also called the event a "no-boys allowed empowerment camp." Organizers with the Girls Empowerment Camp told NBC 7 the main reason for having this event is to empower girls in a male-dominated industry.'

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Parachuting into a hill fire isn't what I'd call empowering. Neither is risking your neck to save someone from a burning building only to be sued by them later for some reason.

I have an idea for an occupational girls' "empowerment" camp: "The Girls' Empowerment and Refuse Collection Workshop". There girls can be empowered by learning how to empty 30-gal. waste containers into trucks.

Turn to, ladies. Put your backs into it.

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This is the most empowering article this year. Who would have thought, only 5 years ago, that organizers would cancel an event for girls because a boy's Father complained.

Gentlemen and Ladies, the tide is turning. I have lived through apartheid and the fall of the Berlin wall. Initially change is so slow it seems non-existent. Then, at a time almost impossible to predict, things just come together and start happening at break-neck speed.

We are on the doorstep. In my life-time true equality!

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